Why disturb with Ads,

When you can entertain them with Memes

Millennials after watching;


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What Are Memes?

Technically, Meme is a concept, joke or catchphrase and is humorous in nature. Memes are aimed at conveying a popular culture reference in an amusing, satirical, ironic, comic manner.

To sum it up in one line, Memes are those which make social media networks a happy, cohesive, and relatable place.

Memes,  because of their spot on entertainment to information ratio, are surely the quickest and the most effective way to convey your emotions.


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What Is Memevertising / Meme Marketing?

Memevertsing / Meme Marketing is a medium to convey your brand’s communication goal in a humorous and relatable manner by giving direction-specific memes to your target audience.

Using memes to reach your advertising and branding goals is more effective than conventional marketing tactics as it gives message to  young audience in a language they speak and understand.

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Why Meme Marketing Is Need of the Hour?

Instagram & Facebook showcase ads every 6th or 7th post on everyone’s feed and this is the major reason why Gen Z does not fall for Ads, because it is not delivering any value and selling them directly.

So basically, by creating more and more ads and putting them into your audience’s feed, you are just working twice as hard and half as wise.


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What Is the Solution?

This is the part where Meme Marketing comes to your rescue.

Memes are an effective way to convey your brand’s advertising goal to your online targeted audience, by wrapping it around humor and sarcasm and carefully placing it on their social media feed.

With the ability to spread like wildfire and an almost zero skip rate, Memes can definitely bring the right kind of exposure and engagement to your brand.

So stop scouting for your next ad strategy and dive into Memevertising / Meme Marketing to know the real power of social media.


How We Can Help You?

Brand Awareness:

We can help you witness a spike in your brand’s reach and awareness among the online audience by tapping into Indian Meme Community.

OTT Marketing:

Be it your next web series or a film, we can assist you in creating a buzz around it by using the power of meme culture.

Product Launch & Offers:

With the magic of carefully chosen memes, we can help you create the hype you desire around your next product launch in your
target audience.

360 Degree Marketing:

Your 360 Degree Marketing campaign is incomplete without the organic social media presence. Make your brand an internet sensation.

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