How Meme Marketing is Future of Advertising?

Let me ask you some questions!

– While watching YouTube do you wait to skip ads?

– If you see sponsored posts on Facebook or Instagram do you scroll down and get irritated?

– Do you wait for the ads to get over while listening to the radio or watching television?

That is relatable, Isn’t it? My answer to every question was a big “YES” with anger on my face.

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Now when we see an ad it works as reverse psychology for us all. Rather than buying the product, we just wait for it to get over. we are not interested in ads and neither is anyone else.

YouTube, Spotify, Gaana, and many more have started premium accounts charging you for not showing ads.

Do you know there are Adblockers to stop ads on Google?

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We use social media to share stories and know stories of our friends, colleagues, or the people we admire and not to see ads that are selling us something by force. It feels like a salesman entering my office without my permission and trying to influence me to buy their product. 


DUDE I HAVE A LIFE ” is what we feel like saying, but it’s like talking to someone who only speaks and never listens.

But this doesn’t mean that ads are not required. If we find something useful we would love to buy it, won’t we? It is just the anger for that salesman who comes in my social media without asking and starts his sales pitch. That is irritating and pisses the hell out of us and not the advertisement. 

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Memes don’t sell products, they tell stories and influence buying behavior.

What is Meme Marketing / Memevertising?

The memes are relatable content that imitates some popular saying, movie dialogue, etc integrating it with a product or service one has to offer. 

How is it different from advertising on digital platforms?

Meme content is humorous and attracts viewers to read and enjoy silly little moments of life. Viewers feel more connected to the story in that meme and start considering the product as a solution to the problem they are facing.

Meme pages act like a virtual best friend who relates to your issues in life and turns those issues into humor. This gives a feeling of connectivity and understanding. This is why all the followers are loyal to the content inside a meme page than any other page.

On the other hand, Digital ads feel like they are forced on a person’s wall or feed. They are highly ignored by people and won’t work extensively on Gen Z. 

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This is the reason why the industry’s major players like Netflix, Disney+ Hotstar, Alt Balaji, Beardo, etc are shifting towards memevertising.

Meme MarketingMemevertising is now the future of marketing! The ones who stay ahead of time are the ones who win the game.

Do you believe that memevertising will change the world of the advertising industry?